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Identity Shield, Is Your Only Defense

Identity Shield, Is Your Only Defense

Financial security is very important and getting to this point takes educating your self in specific areas and building some sort of foundation. Once you hit it big or get your self established, that in itself is just step one. You’ll see very often someone comes into wealth only to give it all back because there was a lack of financial education.
So coming into wealth then being able to extend the wealth is a learning curve but then you have to concern your self with the people whose only survival tactic is to leech off others.

Have you ever got to a place in life where you feel like things are finally going your way, you might almost be done paying off certain debt, you have a little bit of money in the bank and the sun is shining.

Next thing you know you get the rug pulled from underneath you. Well something similar happened to me. I paid off my car note and I was close to paying off my credit cards.

I had just opened an investment account and started depositing into my 401k. I felt as though I was finally getting a grip on my life. Then one morning I’m checking on my investment portfolio to see how I was doing, only to find out I was being hacked.

Securing the bag after getting the bag is equally important. That’s why preparation against spammers and hackers is a must in order to protect your nest. Following up with a proper anti-virus soft-ware and doing some sort of monitoring of your credit and identity will help you sleep at night. Knowing that you are protected and insured where ever possible is crucial to your financial education.

No one should be left behind in building wealth and neither should you.

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