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We All Know The ”WHY”

We All Know The ”WHY”

Credit Repair
Credit Repair Services

We all know why we want to have better credit or be financially stable. We can all agree that no-one wants to be in the hole per se or to owe money or any kind of restitution. It’s unsettling to the mind, body and soul. So we do anything in our power to break any type of shackles even if we places them there ourselves. Credit cards are great when used properly but when have you ever seen a course on how to use a Credit Card appropriately. I certainly haven’t. So what happens when receiving your first credit card?? We all start out by saying “I’ll pay the bill in full as soon as it comes in every month. And maybe the first and second and third month you do exactly just that, heck you might even keep up that charade for a year or two. Eventually thou there comes a point when you don’t or can’t pay the bill in full and that my friends is a slippery slope down the rabbit hole.

Credit Repair
Credit Repair & Financial Services

There is definitely nothing wrong with paying the minimum on your Credit Cards because you have to. There is nothing wrong with getting backed up on your bills because you have other pressing matters. When that happens you’ll notice it’s a sticky web we might have just got into and the consequence seem endless at times. It seem like when you least expect it and sometimes kind of all of a sudden you are knee deep in debt and it doesn’t matter what you try to do things just can’t seem to fall in to place. Now you think you are doing everything to get out the hole or that your thoughts are lined up to receive the blessing you keep desperately asking for. But let me tell you when your thoughts are lined up you definitely know. You’ll still be knee deep in debt but the big difference is you’ll be ok with it because you will be able to see the way out, the light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s going to be a powerful key and your first step to break those shackles. Have a plan and with a defined purpose.

Credit Repair
Financial Knowledge

No one should be left behind in building wealth and neither should you.

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